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In 1967, Theodore Smart, Sr opened a corner convenience store in Detroit, MI and named it S-Mart. In the following decades, the Smart family grew that little convenience store into a successful national discount department store chain.
From coast to coast, Americans were offered great deals and friendly service, and everyone remembers the invitation to “Shop Smart... Shop S-Mart!” At its height, there were thirty-two S-Mart locations in eighteen states.
Things got difficult for S-Mart in the early 00s. As with many large stores, competition was fierce; national ‘box store’ brands were spreading across the country and the advent of internet shopping threatened to kill the good old
locally owned and operated national chain. During the financial crisis of 2008, Theo Jr. made the difficult decision to sell his father’s brand. S-Mart was bought out and all existing stores were either closed outright or converted to Valuestop locations.
This never set right with Bradley Smart, grandson of Theodore. And so, in 2019, he reclaimed the family brand and S-Mart’s flagship store in Detroit re-opened with its original name. In the years since, S-Mart has been on a roll! With stores
opening in Louisiana, Texas, and California, S-Mart is sweeping the nation! Our future plans include international stores and a diversification of our offerings, while retaining the Smart family’s focus on service, value, and the personal touch that Theodore Smart brought to that neighborhood store so many years ago.
Soon, the whole world will be shopping smart... shopping S-Mart!

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A Personal Message

from Tamara Pierce

Dear Valued Customers,

I am delighted to take a moment to personally connect with each and every one of you. The S-Mart brand has been my home for the past four years and in that time it has come to mean a great deal to me. I love S-Mart, and I’m sure that you do too.

This is an exciting time as we contemplate new growth and global expansion. As I lead the brand into the challenges ahead, I remain firmly committed to upholding the values that have always guided this brand... the values personified by my predecessor Bradley Smart. Bradley taught me that S-Mart is a family. I have always valued family very highly and will continue to do so.

So please, come, join the S-Mart family, won’t you?

Together we will forge a path into a future so bright it is blinding.

Tamara Pierce

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