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A Very Important Message about Safety

Because We Care

Safety Goggles

In light of recent events, we here at S-Mart feel its time to talk about safety. We’ve never been one to shy away from the tough conversations, and as your local community-engaged discount department store we understand that it is time to have one now.

We cannot always control the things that happen to us in life. We cannot control the actions of others. And though no one could have predicted the series of tragic incidents that have occurred at several of our locations, we can take this opportunity to ask ourselves; how can we ensure these events never happen again?

To ensure that our customers will be able to shop in safety in security, and as a safeguard against future tragedy, we at S-Mart have implemented the following safety procedures:

  • Enhanced video surveillance at all stores, with dedicated security personnel to monitor in-storefeeds for suspicious or dangerous behavior.

  • Additional in-store security guards stationed at the front entrance, and at strategic locations throughout the store. These fellas and ladies will be on the look out for anything that might present a danger, but don’t be afraid to stop and say hello!

  • Enhanced safety training for our in-store teams. Workshops in personal defense, first aid, and emergency response will ensure that every member of the S-Mart family is ready to step in and do what is needed in a difficult situation.

  • Twice-a-week evacuation drills

  • Enhanced First Aid kits and security devices in every store.

Though it is nearly statistically impossible that another freak accident could occur again in the same locations as before, we are nevertheless prepared. This is part of our commitment to you that the S-Mart stores will remain as safe as your own home.

We would also like to address the speculation that has arisen in the wake of these tragedies, most notably on the lie-filled, anti S-Mart blog maintained by conspiracy theorist Chester Eckels. While it is natural to look for logic in senseless events, this speculation is counter-factual, harmful, and disrespectful to the survivors.

Shop Smart, shop safe… shop S-Mart!

Safety: Store Policies
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